Dental 3D Printing Services

  • In the 4.0 technology trend, the 3D printing technology (Additive Manufacturing) is no longer strange with a wide range of industries. In which the dentistry is the one that optimally applies the 3D printing technology into the production, which impulses the stability for the friendly industry with the Earth.
  • Vu Gia is the pioneer in updating modern technologies of the world with the aim of bringing the highest quality for customers. Instead of spending time for the traditional cast and firing technique, 3D printing machines allow releasing products with higher productivity, which improves the quality and saves the fuel more.

Here is 3 main dental 3D printing services of Vu Gia Dental Lab:

1. The Metal 3D Printing Service

10 years ago, Vu Gia is the pioneer in removing resin from dental products.

At the moment, Vu Gia is continuing to be the first Dental Laboratory in the Southeast Asia removing Nikel by the metal 3D printing technology, which guarantees the oral safety for customers.

After a long time of researching, learning and practicing, Vu Gia is confident to apply the most advanced technology nowadays – “METAL 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY” – with the only one purpose. That is to make products achieve the highest quality.

The customizing ability of metal 3D printing machines allows creating dental products such as:

  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Bars
  • Removable frameworks

Chrome Cobalt Metal 3D Printing

Chrome Cobalt Metal 3D Printing Machine SystemSystem

2. The Denture 3D Printing Service

Vu Gia applies 3D printing technology to design and implement removable full dentures:

  • Denture base is designed on digital files
  • Denture base and teeth are 3D printed by dedicated removable denture materials, so they are safe and very accurate.

Denture 3D Printing

3. The Surgical Guide 3D Printing Service

  • Vu Gia Dental Lab has an experienced design team.
  • Vu Gia has modern machines that applies 3D printing technology into production.
  • Vu Gia ensures surgical guide will be printed accurately with the most modern 3D printing technology.

Surgical Guide 3D Printing

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