What is Abutment?

Abutment is 1 among 3 components creating a complete Implant, which has the role in connecting between an Implant post and porcelain crowns. Abutments are usually produced in large quantities with some certain sizes and parameters by Implant brands.

In the process of doing Implants, common Abutments are not required in sizes, which results in the fact that the height of gum can be too high or too low and does not reach the requirements, the margin line does not follow the gum line, etc., therefore, the final restoration does not reach the aesthetics. Being aware of that problem, Vu Gia has been doing solutions by Customized Abutments.

Advantages of Customized Abutments

Customized Abutments make good shortcomings of abutments in mass production and are the perfect solution for each specific case with advantages:

✔️ Being designed following the height of gum and the gum line of patients, which controls the biological function of gum tissues and decrease the gingivitis and the inflammation around the Implant in the maximum level.

✔️ Making the restoration on Implant more accurate, more aesthetic and increase the strength for the final restoration.

✔️ Being necessary to use for the restoration due to the customizing function as bone tissues are not guaranteed and the Implant is easy to lean in the process of doing the Implant.

✔️ Customizing the dimension and sizes of abutments, which helps increase the ability of supporting and retention level for the restoration.

Nowadays, there are some Implant brands producing Premill blocks to customize abutments such as Straumann, Neodent, Dentium, etc.


Recognizing great benefits of Customized Abutments, Vu Gia Dental Lab makes sure to bring perfect designed products with the most advanced technology to customers. We customize Abutments by the CAD/CAM technology with:

✔️ Skilled technicians

✔️ 3Shape design software

✔️ Imes – Icore milling system

✔️ Detail and carefulness