1. About the company

Vu Gia Dental Lab Company Limited (FDA Number: 1176916) was established in 2006 under the name Vu Gia Dental Lab. After a long time with the efforts of the entire management board and staff, Vu Gia has gradually affirmed its domestic and international brand. With 13 years of experience in the research, development and application of fine materials, as well as the most advanced dental technologies in dental products, Vu Gia Dental Lab is proud to be rated as one of providers of reputable restorations and the best quality services in the dental field today. Thanks to a team of skilled technicians and experienced at home and abroad, Vu Gia’s dental products are not only highly appreciated at domestic scientific conferences but also meet international standards of the most demanding markets in the world such as the USA, the UK, Japan, Canada, Europe, the Southest Asia, etc. Vu Gia Dental Lab confidently commits to bringing customers satisfaction with service quality as well as high-technical product quality, perfect in every detail of the product. Most recently, Vu Gia was the first company in Southeast Asia to invest in 3D metal printer technology equipment – one of the leading systems in Europe and around the world.

2. Development history of Vu Gia Dental Lab

Vu Gia Dental Lab Co., Ltd was established in early 2006 the number of employees in the early days was only 5 employees including 7 managers.

By November 2006, the company set up its first branch in Bac Ninh city.

By August 2007, the company continued to set up a second branch in Son Tay town, old Ha Tay province.

The year 2008 was the year when Vu Gia developed rapidly in terms of size and quality, the number of employees doubled 2007 – from 30 people to 60 people and opened 3 new branches in the provinces of Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, and Nghe An.

By early 2009, Vu Gia set up the 6th branch in Thanh Hoa city.

In early 2010, Vu Gia set up the 7th branch in Hai Duong city, and the 8th branch in Bac Giang.

In 2011, the number of employees reached more than 100 people.

In 2013, Vu Gia invested US $ 2 million to build a production facility with an area of ​​300m2 x 9 floors serving in Tay Mo, Tu Liem, Hanoi.

In 2015, the company invested again to build facility 2 in the center of Bac Ninh city with an area of ​​150m2 x5 floors to quickly serve the Northern provinces.

In 2017, Vu Gia was the first company to invest in over 10 CAD / CAM movements of Imes Icore – Germany, 3D-American model printers and a series of other modern equipment from famous dental firms in the world.

In 2018, the company invested $ 1.5 million to build another building with an area of ​​nearly 1500 square meters to serve the export. Also in this year, Vu Gia started doing outsourcing to some markets in the Asia.

In early 2019, the company inaugurated the second building in Hanoi and put it into operation. Vu Gia expanded outsourcing to many countries outside the Asia such as the USA, the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Currently, in Hanoi, the production space of Vu Gia is up to nearly 5000m3 with more than 200 employees. Vu Gia is doing outsourcing with more than 20 international customers in the world.

With the motto of achieving high quality and accuracy, Vu Gia invests heavily from the very beginning stages of the production of dentures, ready to pioneer in applying high technology according to the latest trends in the world. . VU GIA DENTAL LAB is proud to be a leading lab in Vietnam investing in a synchronous kiln, ceramic baking, pressing system of DEKEMA-Germany with 5 shaft cores on press time. The sample room was invested in a synchronous Renfert system. Vu Gia invested in using the products of Amann Girbbach-Germany, using bites and metering machines to help shorten the time and achieve optimal quality. For removable restorations, Vu Gia uses Japanese and German automatic pressing, boiling and washing lines.

For 10 consecutive years, Vu Gia has become a strategic partner, a large customer, accompanied Ivoclar Vivadent, building the Emax brand in the Vietnamese market. Vu Gia pioneered in bringing the Emax Classic into mass production, signing the largest number of contracts in Southeast Asia. Ivoclar’s ceramic oven system was invested synchronously from the first days of production expansion. As a leading denture manufacturing lab in Vietnam, Vu Gia always tries to perfect and update, invest in the latest technologies to best serve not only Vietnamese dentists but also dentists in the world.

4.0 technology has entered the dental industry, grasping the trend of the world, Vu Gia understands that it is necessary to put 3D printing technology into production to achieve the required accuracy, to serve many complex indications. Impurity in the problem of implants and prostheses. Vu Gia has invested in VIDA 3D printer, American technology System Projet 1200 3D printer to help print jaw patterns, bridges, scans, disassembled jaw, orthodontic troughs, surgical troughs,… Moreover, we have scanners on Trios’s mouth facilitates quick communication between dentists and technicians in manipulation, color exchange and occlusal. In early 2019, Vu Gia equipped 2 more large-sized industrial printers to meet the high technical requirements of the world market. Orientation to 2020 and the following years, Vu Gia will continue to invest and promote 3D printing in production. In October 2019, the company will bring metal printing technology into mass production.

With a team of skilled technicians and production processes meeting ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 9001 standards, the company has obtained FDA certification in 2018 towards the US, Australia, Canada and Japan markets as well as other markets. other market, CE Marking certificate on the European market. We are confident that with 20 years of experience in the profession and leading new technology investment in the world, we will meet the high requirements of dentists in Vietnam and around the world.

We are committed to providing the best quality products with the highest stability.

Hope to cooperate with you!

Thank you!