3D Printing Technology at Vu Gia in the process of doing outsourcing

The application of 3D Printing Technology in the fast development nowadays helps the digitalization and modelization of products become easy, quick and highly accurate. Catching up this trend, Vu Gia Dental Laboratory has invested mordern facilities for a long time to apply the 3D Printing Technology into production, which makes the production line more simple and accurate. Hence, products reaches the best and most accurate. 3D Printing Technology is the key helping doing oursoucing of Vu Gia become easier and faster.

Vu Gia has deployed the 3D Printing System from European famous brands such as EnvisionTec, 3D System, etc. to replace the manual production since 2015.

Resin 3D printing room

Image 1: The 3D Printing Room

All the 3D printing machines at Vu Gia:

  • Using the DLP/SLA technology, allowing the accuracy reaching up to 10um.
  • Quick printing speed: creating models, dentures in the short time and being able to send products to customers sooner.
  • Shortening the production time and still ensuring the accuracy of products, which helps Vu Gia’s customers confident to do restorations for patients.

With a great number of modern 3D printers, Vu Gia Dental Laboratory is the pioneer in producing Denture 3D Printing products, clear aligners, surgical guide 3D printing, etc.

Moreover, Vu Gia is the first enterprise using the 3D printing technology which achieves nearly the maximum accuracy and removing the manual production such as wax-up and casting methods, manual Inlays, Onlays, etc.

Image 2: Model 3D Printing

b. The Metal 3D Printing Technology 

Vu Gia Dental Laboratory has equipped the metal 3D printing system since 2019 to produce products such as:

  • Bridges – Crowns
  • Surgical Guides
  • Bones

The material that Vu Gia uses to print is Chrome Cobalt (Cr-Co) which is compatible with the human body. Vu Gia removes Nikel from metal products.

Image 3: Metal 3D Printing Products

The metal 3D printing brings huge values which traditional methods cannot carry out:

  • Designs which cannot be milled by the CNC 5-axis machine easily process in metal 3D printing machines.
  • Metal printing machines at Vu Gia helps create accurate metal copings, which manual methods cannot guarantee.


Image 4: The Metal 3D Printing System

With the huge and comprehensive investment, Vu Gia Dental Laboratory has always affirmed our No. 1 position in the application of science and technology into the production.

Improving the productivity and the quality of products, shortening the production time is the core value of Vu Gia, which helps us receive the trust from both domestic and international customers.

Due to the technological investment, Vu Gia not only meets the needs of the domestic market but also has exported qualified products to high-end markets such as:

  • Asia: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.
  • Europe: The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, etc.
  • North America: The United States, Canada, etc.

2. The 3D Scanning Technology

3D Scanning for the dentistry is the inevitable trend, Vu Gia Dental Laboratory is the pioneer in the application of 3D scanning into the production with the investment of high-quality 3D scanning machines.

In 2017, Vu Gia is the first dental laboratory in the North of Vietnam using the Trios 3 3D scanning device in the mouth of patients with advantages:

  • The almost absolute accuracy helps do impression easier and remove mistakes usually happening when doing the manual method.
  • Cost savings for doing impressions and model transportation
  • Creating the good experience for patients
  • Achieving the European quality standard

Image 5: Trios 3 Scanning Devices

Vu Gia has also used model scanners of 3Shape (Denmark) with a wide range of advantages such as:

  • Fast scanning time, just within a minute to have digital files
  • The accuracy is up to 10um
  • Easy to export data when in need, reuse files with warranty products, therefore, technicians do not need to take impressions again
  • All 3D teeth, model scanning data is digitalized and saved in the server which is kept secret

Image 6: Designing Department

Scanned data is used to design in the specialized software such as 3Shape, ExoCAD to create digital files and then brings into CNC milling-machines or 3D printers.

In the process of design, Vu Gia can send design images to customers, which helps customers have an overview of products that they will receive. Therefore, you can give adjustment requests which are suitable for your requirements.

You can find more information about Vu Gia’s 3D Printing Services and Design here.


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